Utah Snapshot – Porcupine Rim

Porcupine Rim

Utah is a land of big views and subtle sounds. Huge red rock bluffs, valleys spackled in green, blue skies soaring above. Wind whispering through pines or roaring over ridges. Mountain bike tires crunching over sand or scratching up slickrock. Rabbits hopping across the trail, lizards skittering up rocks, and birds whipping past. Flip flops snapping during a hike. Waterfalls pouring off canyon walls and birds warbling away in a desert oasis. Utter silence as night falls high on a mesa and the stars twinkle in some of the darkest skies in the world.

To me, the above picture (iPhone shot!) sums up Utah. I took it high on Porcupine Rim near the city of Moab. Porcupine is a mountain bike ride starting at 8,000′ and descending 4,000′ along the edge of a rim all the way down to the mighty Colorado River, which we camped along. It was the perfect day: Up early to ride world-famous terrain, then a nice afternoon relaxing and hanging with other travelers, followed by evening hiking in Arches National Park with a sunset capstone of a deep red glow on Delicate Arch.

The journey continues! More pictures soon.



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