We Biked to the Atlantic Ocean!

We made it!We made it! Bonjour from Portland, Maine. 4,000 miles of effort, laughter, sweat and adventures lay to the west and the Atlantic Ocean stretches to the east with 101 days of bike touring at our backs.

And now, it’s time to turn around and pedal back! We are gearing up for a winter assault through Canada since Chelsea loves the test of freezing temps and I’ve always wanted to Eskimo kiss a caribou. Without rest days, I calculate we can reach the west coast by Christmas.

Juuust kidding. Biking in the cold sucks. I will say that if I had a dollar for every person who asked, “How are you getting home? Biking?” I could fly us both home first-class and probably buy a nice messenger bag to carry my two ratty, grease-spotted cycling jerseys too. That isn’t the plan though.

We considered continuing our cycle tour down the east coast all the way to the Florida Keys. (Yes, we’re still having that much fun.) We scoped out routes, deliberated a bit and then axed that idea. With days getting short and nasty weather looming, we decided it would be doable, but not nearly as enjoyable as returning another time to explore the Atlantic seaboard on bikes. Put that one on the bucket list, shelved for now.

A cool, foggy start to our last day in Maine.

A cool, foggy start to our last day in Maine.

Instead, we’re shipping our trusty touring steeds, the Salsa Fargo and Surly Cross-Check, back to Idaho to reunite with the van. And then…

The journey continues! We’re not done yet. Over eleven months on the road since we took off in the van last November. No bikes and no Sprinter van for this next leg, just us and the backpacks that Chelsea’s parents brought with them on the plane last night.

In November, we will be in one place (location to be announced, grin) awhile to reflect as winter rolls in. We’re slowing down the pace to let the past year soak in and wash over us. Time to let ideas from our trip marinate, sprout and take hold, which is always tougher when we’re constantly on the move.

Thanks for coming along for the ride! We love sharing it with you and so appreciate hearing from people we’ve met all over the country or those who found us through the magic of the Interwebs. Looking forward to having you aboard as we traipse about.




Every finish to a bike ride requires matching lightning socks! D is blue/yellow, C is black/red. Shazam!

Every finish to a bike ride requires matching lightning socks! D is blue/yellow, C is black/red. Shazam!

Heel click at the Atlantic!

Heel click at the Atlantic!

22 replies
  1. Ezra
    Ezra says:

    Congrats you two! It’s been fun watching the progress. If you make it back to PDX, I’d like to buy you several beers.

  2. Michael Knouse
    Michael Knouse says:

    Shazam! Love it!!! It’s been incredible watching this journey unfold. First a van, then bikes, now backpacks. Congrats to both of you for pedaling all the way to the Atlantic. The road to South America awaits. Just sayin’. 😉

  3. jeff
    jeff says:

    Congratulations Dakota and Chelsea on a job well done!! It was a pleasure to meet you in Lincoln, NH.
    Your photos are beautiful, thanks for sharing them, along with your journey.
    Lesa and I are back in Tennessee and in 2 weeks we will celebrate 26 years of marriage, AND celebrate Lesa’s 13 years as a breast cancer survivor!! Our trip to New England blessed us with lots of wonderful memories. The hikes, short bike rides along the carriage roads of Acadia, painted sunrises, beautiful colors of fall foliage and meeting inspiring people like y’all. If you ever make it down this way (we are about 100 miles north of the Great Smoky Mountains) give us a shout, and we’ll at least take ya out for the best BBQ in the country.

    take care, and have a blessed day.
    Jeff and Lesa

  4. Dakota Gale
    Dakota Gale says:

    Thanks Jeff! We’re totally stoked.

    Such a nice story about you and Lesa! Congratulations on winning the fight and for living life to the fullest. We hope to connect with you if (when!) we’re in your area. Thanks for the invite.

    • Dakota
      Dakota says:

      Thanks Sam! Endeavor is the right word. A mix of awesome and tough, fun and work. My kind of adventure! Have an awesome time on your tour and we hope to run into you again somewhere out there.

  5. Brandon Smith
    Brandon Smith says:

    Hey Dakota and Chelsea. A big congratulations to you both! Glad you have enjoyed the journey so much. High five!

  6. Randy
    Randy says:

    Hey you two, Randy here (the cyclist you met in Yellowstone – nothing-better-to-do.com). Congratulations on making it to Maine safely. Awesome journey across the northern states! I’m really impressed that you are going to return via Canada (during the winter months!). Be sure to check out Jamie McDonald’s blog (the guy I met last year, who was running across Canada) and things he experienced while running through Alberta & BC in winter. Should give you some good insight. Good luck and hope to see you back here in Oregon in a few months.

  7. Randy
    Randy says:

    Oops! Should have continued reading before posting my previous comment. You got me! Cycling back across Canada in the winter would have made you a legend, if you survived.


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