I Like Big Tires and I Cannot Lie (An MTB Video)

Downhill mountain biking Petzen Austria

Two months ago, my friend Michael told me about the Petzen downhill mountain bike area in SE Austria. Since it is hunkered in the Carpathian Mountains near Slovenia and 1,500 miles from where we were in England, I figured that would never happen. Nevertheless, I added it to Evernote just in case.

Sometimes, these things work out. As we pedaled through Slovenia, I mapped out a route to Petzen. As luck would have it, we found a vegan hotel/restaurant on Lake Klopein, the perfect location for a few days off after our tour through Hungary. Petzen happened to be just a few pedal strokes (ok, 15 miles) away. A perfect day trip.

The warm-up ride to the park was worth it: the stellar downhill and views of the valley make Petzen was the best flow trail I’ve ever ridden. It was so flowy that my first six-mile run through the berms actually made me slightly motion sick! The trail, which won IMBA’s 2014 Flow Trail of the Year award, is fantastic.

Enough said. Other than visiting it, the best way to experience Petzen is through a video. Here it is.

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  1. John B
    John B says:

    Sweet! We spent a week at Whistler 2-1/2 weeks ago and did three days in the bike park. It was awesome! The kids rocked it, too. Cool video! Did you get some filming help or did you set that all up yourself?

  2. Dakota
    Dakota says:

    Just me on the camera – Chelsea took a day off to rest sore hands after some rough touring trails. Fun setting up the shots and thinking about cool angles. Video is a different world compared to photos, so it’s a good brain challenge.

    I still have only skied at Whistler; man, that place looks SO fun on the bike. It’s on my list of places to go.


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