A SoCal Steampunk Wedding

Chelsea and Linda steampunk

The wedding invitation from Chelsea’s brother offered three options for the dress style. White. Sexy. Steampunk. We chose steampunk.

Which meant we had to figure out what steampunk was. If you’re wondering, Wikipedia has a long, opaque description…that still left us with no idea what to do.

Google image search saved the day. (Picture steampunk as a mix of Victorian clothing coupled with gears, goggles and gadgets as accessories.) We searched a Goodwill in post-Halloween San Diego and scored corsets, hats, and other accouterments. A visit to a great costume shop and we were set.

Chelsea's parents rocking it. Notice Steve's full-sleeve tattoos and Linda's amazing corset.

Chelsea’s parents rocking it. Notice Steve’s full-sleeve tattoos and Linda’s amazing corset.

We demurred about our costumes and led the bride and groom to believe we’d just show up in standard dress clothes. The delight when they saw Chelsea’s dad in full tattoo sleeves and her mom in an intricate corset was priceless. Surprises are always more fun.

Chelsea and her parents nailed the theme, whereas I cobbled together a gangster-Western ensemble with a flashy belt proclaiming “SEXY.” My idea to be a steampunk California surfer didn’t come together, but there’s always next time. At least I had flip-up punk sunglasses.

Here I am in my 20's gangster steampunk ensemble with my buddy Mike from college and his lady Laura. My SEXY belt fell off for the picture, bummer...

Here I am in my 20’s gangster steampunk ensemble with my buddy Mike from college and his lady Laura.

The costumes laid a fun foundation, and the ceremony was a beautiful, moving event with Jennifer and Jesse’s closest friends. A big resounding congratulations from us!

Now Chelsea and I need to find other events to bust out our new costumes. Fancy restaurants? Movie theaters? The beach? Nowhere is off limits.

Brother and sister.

Brother and sister.

The bride and groom.

The bride and groom.

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