Where Are We?

Update Febuary 2016: I stopped updating these maps about a year ago and decided to just use our Now page for general vicinity.

Past Trips

Here are the maps for our various road trips in the past couple years of being on the go:

  1. The map for eight months in the van, four months on bikes, and a couple more traveling in Central America from November 2013 through winter 2015.
  2. The map for two months of van travel (mountain biking trip!) through the SW U.S. and California in spring 2015.
  3. The map for 3.5 months bicycle touring through Europe in summer 2015.
  4. See map below for Idaho, Montana, Oregon and California in fall 2015.
[nwm_map id=”4″]

Want to go WAY back? Here’s the route for a year-long world backpacking trip that Dakota did in 2005-2006. (Chelsea joined for four months of it.) South Pacific, SE Asia, Europe, and then by land from Berlin to Bangkok by bus and train, partly via the Trans-Siberian Railroad.