On November 1, 2013, we hit the road from Portland south in our Sprinter camper van. Just a quick four month trip down the coast…at least that was the plan. We did a loop down the Pacific Coast Highway in California all the way over into Colorado, through the Tetons and Yellowstone before hitting Northern Idaho. Bucket list item, check – mountain biking all over the western US!

In June 2014, we parked the van and headed out on our touring bikes for a meandering path across the US into fall colors in New England all the way to Portland, Maine.

We then spent a couple weeks in Maine before heading south through Boston to NYC. Five weeks hanging out in the Big Apple through November 2014 and then a totally different path: flight to Tulum, Mexico for a Spanish language immersion. Then onward to Belize, followed by a flight to San Diego…at which point tracking Big Trip #1 ended. Soon we roll out with a NEW map…but for you historians, zoom out a bit on the below map to see major locations along our 15 month trip from 11/1/13 to 1/20/15.

[nwm_map id=”1″]