Faces from the Road: Eli, Helen and Darcey from B.C.

Continental Divide riders - Eli, Helen and DarceyRemember the summer when you were 14? Me neither! Thinking back, about all I recall is morning baseball practice and an overall sense of trying to fit in wearing my damn sweatpants. That and turning down a fun vacation to the national parks of Utah with my family to stay home for the above-mentioned baseball. Dumb!

Well, THIS teenager, Eli, is riding the Continental Divide a couple thousand miles on a mountain bike all the way from Canada down through Colorado with his parents! That’s 30 crossings of the Divide via fire roads and single track through bear country. He’s not even a cross-country rider and didn’t train for this trip: “Yeah, I mostly ride downhill with my brother.”

Hats off to you and bon voyage team!


P.S. I’m writing this from a wifi-enabled campground up in Canada (what is the world coming to?). Monday morning, we head south out of Canada back into the States through no-mans land toward Cut Bank, Montana.