A Springtime Portland Pit Stop

Portland spring blossoms

We’ve spent the last two weeks visiting Portland. Spring is in the air, a battle of cherry blossoms, occasional sunshine, and frequent rain showers.

The mountain biking and running trails here are a bit mucky with mud, but the hills are a vibrant green and the waterfalls are firing. Best of all, I’m hitting the trails with buddies that I haven’t seen for a year.

Hiking in the Columbia River Gorge.

Martin hiking through mossy trees on the north side of the Columbia River Gorge.

Ryan beneath the roaring Upper Horsetail Falls.

Ryan beneath the roaring Upper Horsetail Falls.

This Portland visit reminds me there’s nothing like old friends and a deep-rooted community. We’ve house-hopped from friend to friend, dropping briefly into daily routines, and also randomly run into people we know almost every day. While traveling is wonderful, there’s magic in the simple moments with people we’ve known for years.

It’s been a multi-faceted visit. Lots of physical activity (as usual), plus hauling a friend’s new water heater and reading books in goofy voices to toddlers. Green tea swims in my veins thanks to frequent coffee shop catch-ups, and we’ve also gobbled food at our favorite restaurants, listened to a friend perform Joni Mitchell’s Blue album, and downed more vegan chocolate truffles than is probably healthy.

Our van doesn't just haul bikes - here it is carrying a new water heater and two boxed cabinets for my buddy Eric.

Our van doesn’t just haul bikes – here it is carrying a new water heater and two boxed cabinets for my buddy Eric.

In short, it’s like “normal” life. This is a novelty because at some point in the past 2.5 years, traveling stopped being a novelty and morphed into simply life. Home shifted into wherever we were. Then a strange thing happened: the newness of a constantly footloose lifestyle stopped feeling revitalizing.

This clarity surfaced last year in NYC after we pedaled 2,500 miles through 13 countries during our European bike tour. Chelsea was ready for a break at home; I found myself preferring reading a book than seeing a Broadway show. We wanted to dig into projects, stop the logistics of daily travel, and revel in routine.

Paul leads the way on a glorious day of mountain biking at Syncline in the Columbia Gorge.

Paul leads the way into the steep stuff on a glorious day of mountain biking at Syncline in the Columbia Gorge.

Despite feeling road worn, we headed to San Diego for a Chelsea’s brother’s steampunk wedding, road tripped up Highway 1 in California, and then landed in Santa Cruz over the new year to recharge. Our time at Farm Sanctuary served up a fulfilling February, which is right when our tenants let us know they’d found a house to buy. Perfect timing to land at home! We’ll be back in our king-size bed by May for a few months.

When we paused in Portland in early spring of 2015, I wasn’t ready to be stationary. The red rocks of Utah wailed a siren song and cycle touring in Europe trumped stationary summer plans. (Can trump be a positive word anymore?)

Sitting down for a (super serious) podcast interview with Michael Knouse from the Startup Sessions.

Sitting down for a (super serious) podcast interview with Michael from the Startup Sessions.

This time, both Chelsea and I are ready for a base from which to launch adventures for a few months. Stopping when we want – rather than of necessity – is a fantastic option. I’m grateful to have the choice to switch at will between on the road and parked, and we’re going to take advantage of it.

Plans for Portland abound, mostly revolving around connecting with our community, exploring the shifting landscape of this rapidly growing city, and focusing on deepening various skills (e.g. guitar). We’re also excited to jump back into hosting mode. Chelsea is planning many ladies-only nights where I’ll be banished from the house. Apparently she’s spent enough time with me!

I hadn't climbed for 2 years (!) before Martin (climbing here) coaxed me into a bouldering session.

I hadn’t climbed for 2 years (!) before Martin (climbing here) coaxed me into a bouldering session. Now I’m back at it.

We’re not done traveling. Far from it. We’re resting, refilling the energy stores. I’m already mapping out an overseas adventure trip for mid-summer; shorter jaunts around the Pacific Northwest beckon in the meantime. It’s a temporary shift from full-time wandering to exploring our back yard with the van. And of course sinking my mountain bike tires into grippy Oregon loam after two summers away bike touring.

My personal challenge is to not view our time in Portland as the rainy time and travel as the bright sunny days. Variety is key, and pauses heighten my appreciation of travel. I’m committed to staying stoked about the fun the city (and Pacific NW) has to offer. It’s an opportunity to stay creative without travel as my muse.

But for now, the rain just stopped and the sun is peeking through the gray morass. Time to slip on the running shoes and head out for a jaunt up Mt. Tabor. See you in PDX!

A vanagon dreaming of its next trip... (Shot by me at Farm Sanctuary.)

A vanagon (and me) dreaming of future trips… (Shot by me for Farm Sanctuary.)

6 replies
  1. Bethany
    Bethany says:

    Looking forward to seeing where your summer PNW travels take you! We should be out there at some point this summer too! Perhaps not yet with the new vehicle in tow; VANdal will probably get one more big summer road trip. Well said about needing variety and punctuating your travel with pauses where you can appreciate where you’ve been. We dig it :). Cheers!

    • Dakota
      Dakota says:

      Yep, taking a break from daily travel – whether at home or elsewhere – is something every long-term nomad seems to do. Come out west where the fun is, and please look us up when you get here!

  2. John Bravard
    John Bravard says:

    Can’t wait to see you two, or just you if you get booted for one of C’s ladies nights! We are planning a MTB tour of Oregon/Washington for that week in April the kids and V have off. A short list of places we haven’t ridden yet that I want to hit – Blackrock, Alsea Falls, Tiger Mountain, Dry Hill (Etan wants to race the NW Cup DH there!) – and a stop by Duthie are in the works. Wanna come along on this venture?

    • Dakota
      Dakota says:

      You and I can disappear for some debauchery while the ladies have fun! The way it should be, right? Can’t make this MTB trip, but we’ll get out this summer fer sher.

  3. Tabot
    Tabot says:

    My wife are heading to Portland for 3 days this summer after stp. What are your favorite vegan restaurants in Portland?

    • Dakota
      Dakota says:

      So many! We love Portobello for a higher-end (but not too expensive) meal. Their brunch is awesome too. Harlow is a favorite lunch spot… Bryan’s Bowl at Porque No is some damn fine Mexican. The list is long. Jump on Yelp and see what you can find in whichever hood you stay in. Drop us a line if you want to meet up for a meal! We’ll be back in PDX by May and there for a couple months. Have fun with STP!


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