What We’re Doing Now

If you ever want to know what we’re up to, this is the place. (This idea is based on the movement created by Derek Sivers.) 

Riding the Oregon Timber Trail in 2018, Mt. Hood in the background.

NOW, we’re in Bend, Oregon! After three years on the road, we were ready to roost for awhile in one place. Here’s the post explaining why!

This time around, we decided to check out living in a kickass, outdoor-oriented town. Lots of travel happening still, but home base is now Bend. As the bumper stickers say, “Bend sucks, don’t move here.” (Because it’s AWESOME.)

Current focus is:

  • Bike touring with Chelsea through Spain and Portugal from April-June. Here’s a post about southern Spain into Portugal.
  • Returning to consistent weekly blogging! After decompressing awhile, I’ve realized I miss sharing experiences and thoughts with readers. Back at it!
  • Continuing to invest in community via a men’s group and a GarageFit workout that I host regularly, plus other stuff both Chelsea and I are involved in.
  • Getting involved in local politics, which was SO uncomfortable for me at first and is now awesome. (A 100-mile mountain bike race is still way easier.)
  • Playing lots of guitar!
  • Doing various van and home improvements (like DIY adding 27 solar panels to our house, enough to power the entire thing!).
  • Enjoying rock climbing after a long pause, plus deepening my commitment to strength and mobility exercises. I finally have the garage gym I’ve always wanted with rings, stall bars, and climbing training equipment.
  • Reading as much as possible – aiming for 50 books in 2019. (Say hi on my Goodreads profile.)

Those are my priorities. If they change, I’ll update this page. Last modified June 2019.

Trail running in the Enchantment Lakes in October. Those larches!