What I’m Doing Now

If you ever want to know what I’m up to, this is the place. (This idea is based on the movement created by Derek Sivers.) 

Van tripping with a piano. Aw yeah!

What I’m Spending My Time On

Writing my newsletter and blogging

After years of consistent blogging, I added the newsletter at the start of 2019 and wrote the 100th one in March 2022. It’s allowed me additional creative space to share things I care about. I also continue to blog, often with ideas germinated in the newsletter.

Studying classical piano

Chelsea surprised me with a digital keyboard for my birthday in 2020 and I’ve dived headfirst into piano land. I’ve played guitar for years, but something about piano was love at first sight. I can’t get enough of it! (Here’s my approach to learning to play and an update on learning to play as an adult.)

Garden projects

We finally built Chelsea the garden of her dreams – 11 large planter boxes – and she’s practically a full-time farmer these days. There’s always a trellis to build or some irrigation to run, so I’m wrenching away out there at least a few hours a week.

Getting my Italian citizenship

In 2020, I learned I’m eligible to become an Italian citizen via my great-grandfather. It’s a convoluted, time-consuming process, but by mid-2023, I could have a Italian passport! Just 12,236 more steps. (I’m doing it for my brother and mom as well.) Update Jan ’23: things are going well!

Language study

To complement the Italian quest, I’m consistently studying Italian using Duolingo, Anki memorization decks, the Coffee Break Italian podcast, and weekly lessons via iTalki.com. Here’s the post I wrote about language learning with Anki and my two year update. I’m at B2-C1 fluency, so now I’ve added Spanish study to the mix.

Outdoor adventure

I continue to bikepack a lot, though shorter trips compared to months at a time. In 2021, trips included bikepacking across Oregon on the Oregon Outback, the Three Sisters Three Rivers and the Colorado Trail. 2022 featured the Oregon Coast Range as well as the Oregon Big Country in remote E. Oregon. Around that, plenty of shorter van trips and the day rides around Bend.

Learning how to draw

Since the start of 2021, my college roommate and I have exchanged a daily drawing. I’ve had a T. Rex joke phase, flowers, bikes, animals, or whatever is going on that day in my life. My brain continues to struggle with perspective, but it’s tremendously rewarding, not to mention a cool way to connect with a close friend. Here’s the 30 day portrait challenge I did to kick off 2022.


Reading less to open up time for music and language, but still fairly frequently. Say hi on my Goodreads profile.

Van updates, still…

After ten years owning our Sprinter van, I’m still doing updates. These include a new electrical system with lithium batteries, a sweet gray water setup, and even a piano drawer.

That’s what I’m up to! As my focus changes, I’ll update this page. Last modified June 2023.

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elkhorn crest mtb
Parting shot! Sunset on the sublime Elkhorn Crest trail in NE Oregon.