Spain bike tour in spring 2019!

traipse [treyps]; to walk or travel about without apparent plan but with or without a purpose.

Traipsing About chronicles the life, adventures, traipsing, and thoughts of Dakota (that’s me!) and my wife Chelsea.

Our first date was a month in Eastern Europe (Chelsea flew to Prague to meet me for the first time). Our second was three months in SE Asia. Since then, we’ve van tripped, biked, and traveled all over. This podcast interview best explains our approach to life.

When we’re not van tripping or bike traveling, we’re digging into piano/language study/drawing (Dakota) and gardening/indoor plants (Chelsea), and actively working to build community. Always a balance between adventure and connection to a place. In that vein, after three years on the road, a desire for community prompted us to land in the outdoor playground of Bend, Oregon as a home base.

I’ve written a lot about my evolution from hard-driving business guy and intense outdoor athlete to a more balanced lifestyle. My days are now a rich mix of creativity and language learning, outdoor fun, and some business sprinkled in too. If it’s not piano and languages, it might be bikepacking the Colorado Trail or Oregon desert or learning to draw portraits. Or getting my Italian citizenship, which will happen SOMEday.

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I think of this site as two parts:

  • A practical guide to living an intentional, streamlined life aimed at pursuing dreams and developing new passions (like piano and gardening in 2020, the most random, crazy year ever).
  • Insights, helpful resources, and stories from our travels to help (and inspire) you to explore the world or your backyard.

Intentional Living

These are practical posts discussing how I run a business and keep track of our lives from afar:

For my angle on life, plus pursuing adventure and your passions, check out these posts:

My pot of gold at the end of a rainbow! Riding next to Weeping Wall in Glacier on Going-to-the-Sun Road.
Chelsea cruising through the Rockies! Weeping Wall in Glacier on Going-to-the-Sun Road.

Bikepacking and Bike Touring

When we aren’t traveling in the van, one of our favorite ways to travel is via bicycle.

In 2014, we rode 4,000 miles west to east across the U.S. In 2015, we toured a few thousand miles through Europe. 2019 featured two months riding in Spain and Portugal. Since then, I’ve focused mostly on bikepacking off-road terrain.

Some posts in this realm include:

All the Van Posts!

Here’s a list of all the posts about DIY Sprinter camper van, which I built out in 2013:

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Rocking the original FUN shirts Chelsea had printed for our first date.