Abandoned Bikes of NYC

Forgotten bikes of NYC

We are abandoned bicycles. If you look, we pop up everywhere in New York City, chained and left behind. Bike vultures pick clean our cruisers and svelte carbon racers. Sometimes just a front a wheel remains locked to a rack; other times, only our skeleton frames, with seat, handlebars and components stripped. Or you might spot an elder, complete with rusting chain, bent rims and flat tires, eyeing strangers as they pass.

We live in every big city. Lonely and sad, we linger on street corners and lean against railings. Once loved, now forgotten and left behind by a busy world. No longer a part of anyone’s life, we’re a disappearing memory.

Take a minute from your busy day. We don’t need a dollar bill handout. A simple smile will do.

Note: Taking shots of abandoned bikes was a random and fun little project of mine in New York. (Click the above photo for a bigger image.) I took a blogging break during November and focused on exploring the city during our stay. Back shortly to writing with a post about my experience here. Then we’re off on another, different adventure…without bikes.

Happy Thanksgiving!